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The French Designers Alliance

Field actions

• We accompany our members in the practice of their activity in the fiscal, social and legal realms.
• We provide information about our profession via our website and with our monthly newsletter: design news, problems encountered by professionals, competitions, and calls for work.

Relations with institutions
• We make your voice heard before the public powers, notably before the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, and Ministry of Education.
• We have a chair on the professional commission at the Maison des Artistes (Mda) which votes on the acceptability of applications for affiliation.
• We intercede with the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) for the allocation exceptionnelle (dire circumstances grant) and at the Directions régionales des affaires culturelles (Drac) for l’aide à l’installation (installation grant).
Relations with organizations
We have chairs, notably at:
— The administrative counsel of the Agence pour la création industrielle (APCI), to promote the values of design to small and medium size companies and industries (PME PMI).
— The administrative counsel of the Société des auteurs des arts visuels et de l’image fixe (SAIF) to defend our individual and collective author’s rights;
— The Union des syndicats et organisations professionnelles des arts visuels (Usopav), to organize our solicitations to the government.

All of our actions are listed in our Blog

Vision for the Future

• We propose to introduce to students in art and design schools the rights and responsibilities of design professionals.
• We defend the idea that design is a common denominator with conception and drawing, no matter what the discipline, notably before the Caisse d’assurance-maladie (CAF, national health insurance) and La Maison des Artistes.
• In permanent contact with our European colleagues we maintain a vigil on the development of legislation with the perspectives of valorizing our professions. (Calls for work, code NAF, titles…)