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New European Bauhaus, Lifelong design learning

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Dans le cadre de la Biennale internationale de design à St-Étienne : Research, business, education, networks week, “How does Design builds bridges between Research-Business-Education ?“ Cycle de conférences du 17 au 19 mai.

Since 1998, the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne has been offering training and transformation experience for the public through exhibitions and event programming. The biennial showcases visions of design, combining technical culture, creators’ productions and international expertise. Over the years, this major design event has played a role for the international community in discovering themes that reveal certain states of the world. This process has been bringing about social and economic change for over twenty years.

At a time when Europe is laying the foundations of the New European Bauhaus, and as a complement to the biennial’s programming, this week dedicated to research, education and training gives designers, schools, universities, companies, and networks the opportunity to share practices and build together the foundations of lifelong education and practice in design.

PROGRAMME : www.biennale-design.com


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