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The “Charter AFD of the eco-designers” is the voluntary answer and committed by professionals designers to the major stakes in the sustainable development.
It also establishes a proposal to the art. 8 and 9 of the Charter of the Environment, registered in the French constitution on February 28th, 2005:
  • Article 8 - Education and training to the environment have to contribute to the rights and duties defined by this present Charter.
  • Article 9 - Research and innovation have to bring their help to the conservation and to development of environment.
Goals of the AFD ’s ecodesign working group  :
— Trainning ;
— Informations ;
— Promoting values of ecodesign.

By the following ways  :
— Thorough works on the subject / collecting informations;
—Networking with other associations, NGO (Non-Governemental Organization) and institutions;
—Representation of the environmental commitment of the AFD in the exhibitions and the conferences;
—Training of our members, our suppliers, and customer

We means by ecodesign, A design approach which takes into account the ecological, sanitary responsibility, the social justice and the cultural contribution - for our contemporaries and the future generations - By innovation, design and products or services development. Ecodesign needs to integrate all of these parameters into a systemic approach with a continuous improvement according to the technological, scientific breakthroughs and to the actual human knowledge. It is our duty to make a contribution to the sustainable development, in the frame of businesses,  productions and services.

To integrate the stakes in sustainable development into design processes in order to minimize the environmental impact and aim at the well-being of human being and the next generation, the AFD charter’s  signatories designers make a commitment to respect the following ten principles:

1 持续改进

2 系统的方法

3 共同参与

4 社会责任

5 资源

6 水,空气和土地

7 能量

8 浪费

9 健康
考虑对生命公共卫生健康的影响 通过现有的知识创造新的产品和服务来确保对生命无伤害的设计。

10 生物多样性