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Webcast “Selling to Government and Bureaucracies”

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En coopération avec Moneydesign.org. A Win Without Pitching webcast, January 10th. Blair Enns: Every once in awhile someone says to me, “I agree with your Win Without Pitching perspective, but I sell to government. There's no way they'll let me derail an RFP.” The Win Without Pitching principles still apply to government and bureaucracies, even thought they're often harder to implement and certain techniques are required for success.

If there's one person that knows more about derailing a government RFP than me, it's Cal Harrison, president of Beyond Referrals and author of the new book, The Consultant With Pink Hair. Prior to his consulting career, Cal worked in government and sold to government. In his practice he has facilitated roundtables on the inadequacies of the RFP process with sellers of professional services and the government buyers who purchase those services.

January 10th



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