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International call for entries: AFD exhibition “Empathy in professional designer’s practice”

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The Alliance française des designers (French Designers Alliance) AFD invites designers established outside of France, from different disciplines (industrial and product design, design in visual communication, interactivity, indoor or outdoor space design…) to exhibit in a show (30 designers-300 m2), part of the 2013 International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne (IDBSE) and to be interviewed at the Maison & Objet trade fare in Paris. Deadline: September 9.2012

The AFD would like to get to know and present your point of view on one of the items listed below

Prior to
The designer is taking in impressions like a sponge, observing, analyzing, transferring. Empathy as a process of creation…

The designer in the midst of human relations (client, creative team, marketers and communicators, engineers...) Empathy in the banality of everyday life.

— An object causing the empathy of its user towards the other.
— An object causing the empathy of its user towards the Nature.
— An object proposing a certain system or chain (of production, communication or organization) based on empathy.
— An object as part of the nature, representing as its symbol or inducing designer’s empathy.

Closing point
Empathy has become a fancy topic in the design business but it’s not always beneficial for its development.

If one of these items above meets your professional practice as a designer

9th September 2012 the latest, please send us an email at idbse-2013@afd.eu.com with:
— your point of view on one of these items above, as a text of 2000 signs max. or a link to a video of 5 minutes max.;
— add 1 up to 3 images of one of your design creation to illustrate it, PDF format (10 x 15 cm [4 x 6 inches] 300 DPI minimum);
— write the size of your design creation to be exhibited;
— join a short presentation of your background (500 signs max.) ;
— write your complete address;
— if you already responded to the call for entries from the IDBSE, please tell us.

Entries regulations for the candidates

Interview at Maison & Objet : if exhibited, the designer agrees to be interviewed and to be reachable the 21st or 22nd January 2013. The organizers may invite the designer at Maison & Objet, in this case, travel cost will be paid by the organizers.
— This call for entries is open to any professional designers established outside of France.
— Answers from the AFD selection comity: Monday 24th September 2012.
— (If selected) Deadline to receive technical info of selected creations : Friday 5th October 2012.
— Reception on the exhibition site of creations : from Monday 25th February to 11th March 2013 noon.

Extract from the exhibition regulations

• Transport, packaging, insurance and possible customs costs for selected objects will be borne by the participants
• The Biennial organization is covered by general liability insurance
• The general scenography and sign-posting is assured by the Biennial organization. General lighting is provided; costs for any specific request for lighting and/or audio visual facilities will be borne by the exhibitor. Particular sign-posting and graphic charts may be imposed to ensure artistic coherence with the overall Biennial. Selected candidates will be informed at a later date.

• The Un-packing, assembly/ dismantling, installation and maintenance of exhibited projects are under the responsibility of the participant. The organizer may, on request, undertake these operations; in this case the exhibitor and his insurer waive any rights to claim against the organizer and its insurer for any problems or damage whatsoever that may be encountered. The Cité du Design does, however, reserve the right to refuse the assembly and installation by its team of a work or a project, should this be deemed impossible for technical, logistical or financial reasons.
• The following authorizations are granted free of charge by the exhibitor to the organizer :
— The exhibitor authorizes the organizer to exhibit his work for the duration of the 2013 Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial.
— The exhibitor authorizes, for the exclusive purposes of promotion, information and publicity linked to the activity of the organizer, the reproduction, representation and communication of all or part of his work by any means and through any media as described hereafter: periodicals, postcards, posters, photographs (digital and film), Biennial partnership files, catalogues, films, videos, either on the Cité du design web-site, or digital, paper, CD-rom, and video media etc. and also by means of radio, cable or satellite broadcasts, billboards, leaflets, Internet etc.These authorizations are valid worldwide (e.g. internet) and for the legal duration of author’s rights and copyrights in France.Any other use will be subject to the agreement of the designer. The exhibitor, as signatory of this document, declares that he is the owner of the rights related to the work, and of all necessary authorizations, notably those of the designer, for the above mentioned uses.
• If the exhibitor holds particular rights in relation to a visual product or a project, if he wishes that one of them should be treated as confidential, or if he is a member of a certified authors society, he should inform the Cité du design beforehand.
• The exhibitor also authorizes visitors to photograph and/or film the exhibited object(s).
• Any incomplete application will not be considered. The exhibitor undertakes to respect the submission deadlines indicated in the application details.
• A document of detailed regulations will be signed by the candidate when his participation in the Biennial is confirmed by the selection committee.


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