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ICSID – World Industrial Design Day

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Icsid announces theme for World Industrial Design Day 2012. What is Industrial Design? This theme is the heart of the 2012 World Industrial Design Day campaign, presented by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid). For World Industrial Design Day's fifth anniversary, Icsid is inviting designers and design enthusiasts from around the globe to spread awareness and initiate events reflecting this year's theme.
"For the past four years the activities and celebrations held on 29 June have been instrumental in increasing awareness of the industrial design profession" stated Icsid President Prof. Soon-in Lee, "This year we're bringing it back to basics, asking the question at the foundation of our organisation. 'What is industrial design?' We are eager to hear what kind of responses a question like this will yield."

In preparation for the international day of observance, Icsid encourages everyone to be creative in their celebrations of World Industrial Design Day. See events from prior years for ideas. If you're planning an activity, contact web@icsid.org so that it can be included on the website and share your photos on Facebook during your celebration.

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