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Tallinn Design Festival Design Night

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On September 16-25, Tallinn is overtaken by the innovative design fans who are taking part of the European Innovation Festival IF... and Design Night both of which belong to the official programme of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011. Within the span of 2 years, 6 cities organize the Innovation Festival – Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn. These festivals emphasize innovation and user-friendly design, social inclusion, mobility, environmental awareness and the influence of technology on everyday life. People and their needs are in the centre of attention.
The Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) started organizing design festivals in 2006. Their main aim was to introduce the achievements of Estonian design and inform Estonian people about the latest news in the field of design. The event which in the beginning lasted for one night has grown into a big international event which lasts for a dozen days, attracts a lot of foreign press and brings many people who are interested in culture to Tallinn.



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