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Face to Face 2009 : candidatures

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Le design en France et en Allemagne – Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart)
Du 12 au 14 novembre prochain, les rencontres Faces to Face se consacreront au design en France et Allemagne : 10 projets Allemands, 10 projets Français. L’AFD, partenaire organisateur Français, recherche des designers et leurs clients susceptibles de présenter leur projet commun à Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart).
Concept : en 20 minutes, le designer et son client présentent ensemble un projet depuis le cahier des charges jusqu’à la réalisation. Suivi d’une table ronde tenue par des experts des deux pays.

: un stimulus pour l'industrie, contacts entre designers français et allemands, activités binationales et réseau.

: entreprises de l’industrie, des affaires, du commerce, des services, de la culture, designers professionnels et architectes.

(selon participants) : Corporate Design, Corporate Architecture / Interior Design, Industrial Design / Interfaces, New Media, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Brand Development, Packaging and Retail, Way-finding Systems, Editorial Design, Newspapers and Magazines (option), Graphics in Public Space, Photography, Typography / Calligraphy.

Langues : Allemand et Français (traduction simultanée).

Les rencontres F2F

The Face to Face (F2F) conference is held annually since 2001. After the great success of the last years' conferences, the Face to Face Association is planning to hold the ninth conference in November, 2009. The F2F Conference is open to all disciplines of professional design — all focused on designing 2- and 3-dimensional communications.

Face to Face 1 was a joint project of the Design Center Stuttgart and The British Council. Without being one of the established events in the design scene, it attracted some 350 participants. In Face to Face 2 the Netherlands became our partner country with BNO, the Dutch Designers' Association, followed by Spain in F2F3 (DDI, Spanish Agency for Design and Innovation), Italy (AIAP) in F2F4, Malaysia (WREGA) in F2F5, Austria (Design Austria) in F2F6, Estonia (EDL) in F2F7 and Poland (Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise) in F2F8.

The positive resonance among participants, in the media and in the general public shows that there is a need both on the part of business enterprises and among professional designers to look at current trends and possibilities of communication design beyond national borders. This is the main target group of Face to Face.

In the year 2009 we would like to bring French designers face-to-face with German designers, and their respective clients, to present exemplary projects. Under the motto: »In dialogue we trust!«, examples of successful design from all different branches of industry shall be presented. The two-day congress is to be organized in sessions dealing with topics ranging from Corporate Design and Brand Development, Industrial and Interface Design, Corporate Architecture and Interior Design, Packaging and Retail, Signage Systems and New Media to Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Both the designers and the companies commissioning them will have their say and the chance to describe from their perspective what went in to creating a look. French and German contributions will alternate so that the congress participants can form their own idea of the parallels and differences in the realization of graphic design in the partner countries.

The Face to Face Association is a non-governmental-organisation originally established by the Design Center Stuttgart, which is a state-run non-profit institution for the promotion of economic development of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Southwest Germany). In 2007, F2F has become independent of the Design Center Stuttgart and all public duties. Its task is to present design topics to companies and the general public and to convey the economic significance of design by fostering continuous dialogue among the disciplines and nationalities. Without pursuing any commercial interests of its own, the F2F Association works closely with institutions at home and abroad. To get an impression of the events’ character and atmosphere, please visit www.face-to-face.eu

Pourquoi participer à F2F ?

Public Relations:
Face to Face wants to start professional PR activities as soon as possible. If the speakers will co-operate in time, we can distribute information about their businesses to the public and media soon. As far as we get their profiles and topics they will be talking about, we can also communicate those to the press in good time. Finally, the best dialogue on the podium will be awarded by the audience and the winners communicated to the press.

Exchange of know-how, benchmarking: Learn how other companies or branches control creativity, how they integrate external design consultants to come up with outstanding solutions, how they succeed by professional brand and design management…

Contacts: Meet experts and managers from different branches, get connected with creative and open-minded people and industries from France and Germany (remember: Stuttgart area is home of the strongest industries in Germany as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch, Festo, HP and IBM Germany, etc.), start or improve networking in central Europe. Many speakers and participants who experienced former F2F conferences are still keeping in touch and exchanging informations.

Motivation: In daily business the duos, clients plus designers, rarely present their projects to third parties. For both this is an unusual situation and always a challenge. In the end, when they leave the F2F stage, their relationship will be surprisingly strengthened.

Candidatures des designers pour la France

Condidatures closes le 17 juillet 2009.


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